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What Is the Biodôme?

The Biodôme isn't a zoo, an aquarium or a botanical garden, but all these things combined. It brings together five ecosystems of the Americas, reproduced with striking accuracy, under one roof. Each of these natural habitats features very different animal and plant life, rocks and climates.

But it's even more than that.

The Biodôme is:

Image: data concerning the ecosystems
data concerning the ecosystems

A “house of life”

The Biodôme, whose name means "house of life," shows visitors the "true nature" of the Americas, by offering up their loveliest and most amazing ecosystems. Why? Our goal is to encourage everyone, children included, to become more aware of the need to preserve our unique and extraordinary natural heritage. The Biodôme seeks to make individuals and our society as a whole aware of the importance of making a commitment to protecting the environment.
It fulfills its mission through a variety of education, conservation, research and outreach initiatives to foster better understanding of overarching issues that affect the whole planet.

A systemic approach

When the Biodôme opened in 1992, its "ecosystem" concept was a world first. This systemic approach still has no equal in the faithful and complex way in which it represents the real-world environment (its "rocks," climates, lighting, etc.) and shows how nature really works.

Step onto the path through the ecosystems and:

  • admire exotic animals, magnificent plants and impressive landscapes;
  • learn about some of the loveliest ecosystems in Quebec;
  • show your children the beauties of nature and the importance of protecting it;
  • explore the countless strategies used by different creatures to adapt to their environment.

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