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Biological pest control

The different ecosystems at the Biodôme are also home to insect pests and mites that prey on plants.

How do we control them?

Image: aphids on a spruce
aphids on a spruce
Image: tropical cochineals
tropical cochineals

Image: cochineals
Image: acarids on a spruce
acarids on a spruce

Image: entomologist

With biological pest control, that is by intentionally introducing natural enemies (predators) of these pests into the ecosystems.

Image: ladybird larva
ladybird larva

This allows us to control the pests without eliminating them completely.

Ladybird larva devouring a cochineal.

Image: chrysop larva
chrysop larva

chrysop larva attacking an aphid.

Image: parasitoid wasp
parasitoid wasp

A small parasitoid wasp lays an egg in a cochineal; the larva will feed on it from inside.

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