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The right shape

Image: St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem's map
St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem's map

The St. Lawrence Estuary and the Gulf of St. Lawrence form a veritable inland sea extending from Tadoussac (at the mouth of the Saguenay) to the Atlantic Ocean.

Image: St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem
St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem

The fish-filled waters of this St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem abound with plankton, making them ideally suited to fish and whales and other marine mammals.

Image: underwater view
underwater view

The Biodôme’s ecosystem, containing 2.5 million litres of "seawater" made at the Biodôme, is the perfect place to admire some of the shapes and colours hidden in these cold, salty waters.

Come with us and explore the cold, salty waters of the St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem, where you can see and identify fish of many different shapes.

Here's six of numerous species living in the Biodôme's St. Lawrence Marine ecosystem.

Video: spiny dogfish

Spiny dogfish

Video: Atlantic salmon

Atlantic salmon

Video: sea raven

Sea raven

Video: Atlantic sturgeon

Atlantic sturgeon

Video: Atlantic cod

Atlantic cod

Video: Atlantic wolfish

Atlantic wolfish

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