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Brother  Marie-Victorin on the Varadero beach, with his sisters and a friends, 1939
Exposition Sous le soleil de Cuba [Jardin botanique de Montréal]
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Cuba: The largest of the Caribbeans

Travel journal

Wednesday, December 28, 1938
At nine o’clock in the morning we climbed into a sturdy car and headed out on the road that would take us to Oriente province.

In 1492, Columbus had been dazzled by the largest of the Caribbean islands: I have never seen such a beautiful land [...] on the beach, millions of shells, water so clear and always the same deafening symphony of bird calls.

Marie-Victorin was equally enthusiastic as he explored Cuba through the eyes of a botanist, an ecologist ahead of his time – he constantly pointed out the bonds between the various species and their habitats – and an appreciative guest who valued the Cubans’ hospitality and ingenuity.

Here we'll head with him, Brother Léon and the young Carabia to some of the places that they explored together, starting in Havana and then crossing Cuba from west to east.

Bon voyage!

Ah! the Cuban sea...
But as Marie-Victorin discovered, Cuba has much more to offer than beaches!
Ah! the Cuban sea...<br />But as Marie-Victorin discovered, Cuba has much more to offer than beaches!

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Under the Cuban Sun with Marie-Victorin [Jardin botanique de Montréal]

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