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Brother  Marie-Victorin on the Varadero beach, with his sisters and a friends, 1939
Exposition Sous le soleil de Cuba [Jardin botanique de Montréal]
Under the Cuban Sun Cuba Marie-Victorin Itineraries Cuba's Provinces

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Beginning of the virtual exhibit



Friends of the Montréal Botanical Garden
Division de la gestion des documents et des archives - Université de Montréal
Archives des Frères des Écoles chrétiennes du Canada francophone (Laval)

To learn more on Marie-Victorin

Marie-Victorin, l'itinéraire d'un botaniste
[in French] Virtual exhibit on the life and work of Brother Marie-Victorin.
Presentation of Division des Archives - Université de Montréal.
Fonds 0118 - Institut botanique de l'Université de Montréal
[in French] Archival description of Fonds 0118 (Division de la gestion des documents et des archives de l'Université de Montréal) from where photographic archives have been selected for Under the Cuban Sun exhibition.
Sur les traces de Marie-Victorin
[in French] Educational activity for children aged 6-12 on Brother Marie-Victorin
Included in J@rdin des jeunes branchés of the Montréal Botanical Garden.
History of the Montréal Botanical Garden
Historical presentation and chronology of the Botanical Garden.
The Library of the Montréal Botanical Garden
Many titles available for consultation on the life and work of Marie-Victorin.

To learn more on Cuba

Go Cuba
Official Website of the Cuba Tourist Board in Canada.
Information for planning a trip to Cuba.

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Under the Cuban Sun with Marie-Victorin [Jardin botanique de Montréal]

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