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Virtual Exhibits and Educational Sites

Les Météorites : l'aventure commence / Les Météorites : l'aventure se poursuit
Information on meteorites presented in an interactive comic strip (French only).

Météorites! Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (Paris)
Based on the exhibit MÉTÉORITES ! 1996 - 1997, this site focuses on meteorites, the memory of our solar system (French only).

Meteorites, Natural History Museum
Find answers to some general questions about meteorites. Don’t miss the Virtual Meteorite Specimens (English only).

Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites, American Museum of Natural History
Based on the meteorite gallery in this New York museum, this site looks at meteorites in general, the origin of the solar system, how planets are formed, and meteorite impacts (English only).

Official NASA Home Page
A multitude of web pages created by NASA provides information about meteorites. To find them all, do a search using the keyword “meteorite.” An introduction to the world of meteorites and asteroids can be found at: .
To learn how to collect your own micrometeorites, visit (en anglais seulement).

Le Monde des Météorites
Site offering a variety of information about meteorites (several pages are in French although some links take you to sites in English). The latest news about meteorites is presented on the first page (French only).

Meteorite Articles
This diversified site includes articles on approximately one hundred meteorites, a photo gallery, a forum, virtual post cards of meteorites, and much more (English only).

Databases (frequently updated)

Natural History Museum's Meteorite Catalogue Database
Inventory of all the indexed meteorites in the world. A brief description of each meteorite is presented (English only).

Canadian Meteorite Catalogue
Inventaire des météorites canadiennes reconnues et en cours de classification. Chaque météorite canadienne est brièvement décrite (en anglais seulement).

Earth Impact Database
Inventory of recognized Canadian meteorites and those being classified. Brief description of all Canadian meteorites (English only).

List of Lunar meteorites Ce site propose une liste des météorites lunaires connues (en anglais seulement).

Mars meteorites
List of meteorites from the planet Mars. Links to all the news about the Red Planet’s meteorites (English only).

Photo Collections

Aerolite Gallery of Meteorite Photography
An ongoing photography project which focus on characteristics unique to meteorites including orientation, impact pits and regmaglypting. Impressive photographies taken by Geoff Notkin (English only).

R.A. Langheinrich Meteorites
The section entitled Meteorite Museum presents hundreds of photographs of meteorites. R.A. Langheinrich, owner of the car struck by the Peekskill meteorite, devotes a page to that famous fireball (English only).
In the section entitled Rocks from Space Picture of the Day, an amazing photo of a meteorite is published each day (English only ).

Forms for reporting the observation of a fireball

In Canada, Meteorite and Impacts Advisory Committee: (French) (English)

In the United States, American Meteor Society:

In Europe and elsewhere in the world, International Meteor Organization:

Discussion Forum

Meteorite Mailing List
For meteorite buffs, international mailing list about meteorites. The language of communication is English.

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