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Re-structuring the economy

Urban sprawl

A new francophone conquest

A cultural revival

The modernization of the political scene

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A cultural revival  

Beginning in 1960, a renewed Québec culture, resolutely modern and open to the world, found its voice.

Cultural creation and distribution was concentrated in Montréal, home to the large French-language television networks, cultural production companies and publishers, and four universities. Through essays, works of art and public appearances, Montréal intellectuals and artists fuelled the effervescence spreading throughout Québec.

Montréal was a melting-pot where foreign influences, particularly American, mixed with home-grown inspiration. The Montréal World's Fair (Expo 67), the 1976 Olympic Games and a series of international festivals held in the city contributed to its fame. The development of exchange programs between French-language countries allowed Montréal to assert itself as a major metropolis in the French-speaking world.

Finally, Montréal was also becoming increasingly multicultural. The city was recognized, even celebrated, for its ethnic diversity.

World Film Festival
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