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The Patriotes and Rebellions of 1837-1838

1) What is the name of the political francophone movement created in September 1837 in response to the anglophone Doric Club?

a) Les Chevaliers de Colomb
b) Les Frères chasseurs
c) Les Fils de la liberté
d) Le Front de libération du Québec

2) He drew up his political testament on the eve of his death by hanging.

a) Cyrille-Hector-Octave Côté
b) François-Marie-Thomas Chevalier de Lorimier
c) Louis-Joseph Papineau
d) Charles-Séraphin Rodier

3) Which one of the following is not a Patriote?

a) Bonaventure Viger
b) Robert Nelson
c) Jean-Olivier Chénier
d) Joseph-Octave Villeneuve

4) Which one of the following Patriotes was also mayor of Montréal?

a) Thomas Storrow Brown
b) Wolfred Nelson
c) Ludger Duvernay
d) Bonaventure Viger

5) Who was at the head of the government of Lower Canada during the Rebellions of 1837-1838?

a) William Lyon Mackenzie
b) Louis-Joseph Papineau
c) Archibald Acheson, 2nd Earl of Gosford
d) John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham

6) On what date was François-Marie-Thomas Chevalier de Lorimier executed at the prison of Pied-du-Courant in Montréal?

a) February 17,1837
b) January 12, 1838
c) February 14, 1838
d) February 15, 1839

7) As leader of the Parti Patriote, he was opposed to armed revolt and advocated instead a boycott of British goods.

a) Jean-Olivier Chénier
b) Charles-Joseph Coursol
c) Louis-Joseph Papineau
d) Sir George-Étienne Cartier

8) What was Édouard-Raymond Fabre, Patriote and mayor of Montréal, by profession?

a) bookseller
b) hardware dealer
c) teacher
d) journalist

9) He was president of the political wing of the Fils de la liberté.

a) Bonaventure Viger
b) Sir Antoine-Aimé Dorion
c) Ludger Duvernay
d) André Ouimet

10) Where did Cyrille-Hector-Octave Côté die on October 4, 1850?

a) Gifford, Staten Island, New York
b) Saint-Eustache, Lower Canada
c) Kingston, Upper Canada
d) Hinesburg, Vermont

Challenge questions

1) What angered French Canadians and what triggered the armed revolt of the Patriotes?

a) the Russell Resolutions
b) the 92 Resolutions
c) the Durham Report
d) the Union Act

2) A warrant for the arrest of Patriotes was issued in November 1837. What were they accused of?

a) Civil disturbance
b) Defamation of the government
c) High treason
d) Defiance of authorities

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