Ville de Montréal
Ville de Montréal
Group of Archivists of the Region of Montréal
Chapter 7 IntroductionHochelaga 1500-1642Ville-Marie 1642-1665Heart of an Empire 1699-1763Small French Town 1665-1760Conquered City 1760-1800British Commercial Takeover 1800-1850Industrial City 1850-1896Canada's Metropolis 1896-1914North-American City 1914-1929Depression and War 1930-1945Modern City 1945-1960Québec's Metropolis 1960-1992ConclusionQuizEducational Resources

A prominent city

The impact of

A British city with a
French heartbeat

Letter from Édouard De Villeray.
Letter from Édouard De Villeray, carpenter, addressed "to sirs on the executive committee of the Fond de secours Montréal or to whom it may concern."
The document contains a list of objects belonging to Édouard De Villeray that were burned in the Great Fire of Montréal on July 8 and 9, 1852, as well as an estimation of their monetary value. We can also see the signatures of the eight witnesses supporting Édouard De Villeray and who vouched for his honesty and incapability of writing a false report.
July 30, 1852.
Source : Prêtres de Saint-Sulpice, P1:24.C-80.