Ville de Montréal
Ville de Montréal
Groupe of Archivists of the Region of Montréal
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Test Your Knowledge!

Chapter 11:
Modern City



 1) In which year did Montréal’s population reach one million?

 A. 1945
 B. 1951
 C. 1960
 D. 1961

2) A symbol of modernity in the 1960s, I am one of Montréal’s first skyscrapers. What am I?

 A. Place Ville-Marie
 B. Place Bonaventure
 C. 1000 de La Gauchetière
 D. The Stock market building

3) Which highway was built in response to the period's traffic problems?

 A. Boulevard Dorchester
 B. Boulevard Métropolitain
 C. Boulevard Pie-IX
 D. None of the above

4) Jean Drapeau was elected mayor of Montréal in 1960 for which party?

 A. The Civic Action League
 B. The Union Nationale
 C. The Great Montréal Rally
 D. The Civic Party