Ville de Montréal
Ville de Montréal
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Chapter 10:
Depression and War



  1) Other than the Unemployment Commission, what did the City of Montréal do to help the unemployed during the Great Depression?

 A. It subsidized manufacturing workers' salaries
 B. It transformed City Hall into a soup kitchen
 C. It organized a widespread public works programme
 D. It built low-income housing

2) Due to its precarious finances, Montréal was put under government trusteeship between:

 A. 1930 and 1945
 B. 1930 and 1933
 C. 1940 and 1944
 D. 1942 and 1944

3) A Populist mayor, I refused to cut unemployment during the Depression. Who am I?

 A. Louis-Arsène Lavallée
 B. Médéric Martin
 C. Charles Duquette
 D. Camillien Houde

4) What invention, popularized in the 1920s, helped promote Canadian participation in World War II?

 A. Cinema
 B. Radio
 C. Television
 D. All of the above