Ville de Montréal
Ville de Montréal
Groupe of Archivists of the Region of Montréal
Quiz IntroductionHochelaga 1500-1642Ville-Marie 1642-1665French Empire 1699-1763Small French Town 1665-1760Conquered City 1760-1800British Commercial Takeover 1800-1850Industrial City 1850-1896Canada's Metropolis 1896-1914North-American City 1914-1929Depression and War 1930-1945Modern City 1945-1960Québec's Metropolis 1960-1992ConclusionQuizEducational Resources

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Chapter 3:
Heart of an Empire



 1) New France became a British colony at the end of which war?

 A. The war of the League of Augsburg
 B. The War of the Spanish Succession
 C. The War of the Austrian Succession
 D. The Seven Year War

2) Starting in which year did it become necessary to obtain a government license to trade furs?

 A. 1665
 B. 1666
 C. 1681
 D. 1701

3) Who was Governor-General of New France at the time of the surrender of Montréal in 1760?

 A. Pierre de Rigaud de Vaudreuil
 B. Louis de Buade de Palluau de Frontenac
 C. Louis-Hector de Callière
 D. Charles de Beauharnois de la Boische

4) Which important event led to the signing of a treaty between the Amerindians and the French in 1701?

 A. The Paix des braves
 B. The Great Peace of Montréal
 C. The Great Truce of Montréal
 D. Le temps d’une paix