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Frequently Asked Questions
about the Montréal Planetarium

Tickets Purchase/Reservations



Tickets Purchase/Reservations

I want to bring my family to the Planetarium. Do I have to make a reservation? Can I make a reservation?

Reservations at the Montréal Planetarium are only possible for groups of 15 or more, without exception, and such reservations should be made at least 7 days prior to your scheduled visit. For terms and conditions and details about the reservation procedure, please refer to the Groups section of this website.

Is it possible to purchase tickets in advance?

It is possible to purchase same-day tickets, for a later representation. Please note that seats are not numbered: tickets are therefore "general admission," but ensure you of a seat for a given representation.

It is also possible to purchase non-dated tickets, but these amount to little more than "gift-certificates." One must still exchange these tickets against admission for a representation of the day. Such non-dated tickets provide no significant advantage, especially on crowded days (such as a rainy sunday afternoon): you'll still have to line-up at the ticket counter, at least a few minutes before show-time, lest the show be sold-out.

If reservations are not possible, how to make sure that we'll have seats when we visit?

To ensure that you'll have tickets, we suggest individuals or small groups show up at least 10 minutes before the indicated showtime.

Some factors have a direct impact on the attendance at the Planetarium: school breaks and holidays, "family-oriented" programs (morning and afternoon) shown during weekends or holiday periods, and poor weather for outdoor activities. Under such circumstances, it is adviseable to purchase your tickets even earlier: at least 15 minutes or more before showtime. However, evening presentations are rarely full, so there's usually no problem even if you show up only minutes before showtime. (Note that latecomers will not be admitted to any presentation already in progress.)

There's no way that we can guarantee that seating will be available when you arrive: in some circumstances, attendance can exceed the seating capacity of the Star Theater — although this rarely happens for English presentations.


I wish to submit my résumé for a job at the Planetarium. How should I proceed?

Since June 13, 2011, the only way to apply for jobs at the City of Montréal is on-line. You'll find more information about this procedure on the Official City Portal, in the Employment section (in French only).

You'll be able to set-up an account, register your personal profile and apply on the positions that are of interest to you.

We wish you the best of luck in the pursuit of your professional aspirations.


A charity or other organization I volunteer/work for is organizing a fundraiser, and we would like to get a sponsorship from the Planetarium. How should we proceed?

The Space for Life (Biodôme, Jardin botanique, Insectarium and Planetarium) receives many requests for donations, and wishes to support the community and recognized organizations, in keeping with its mission. Requests from individuals cannot be accepted.

The mission of the Space for Life is to familiarize people with nature and related knowledge, to help study and preserve biodiversity and to promote environmentally responsible behaviour.

Our donation policy does not allow us to make any monetary contributions or to donate any promotional items, plants, etc.

Activities and events held by non-profit organizations whose mission is in line with the values and objectives of the Space for Life will receive priority.

Replies will be sent only to those requests that are accepted.

For further details and to download the Donation Request Form, please refer to the Sponsorships section of the Space for Life Website.


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