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The Montréal Planetarium is coming to your school — Fall 2012

The Planetarium on the road
returns in the fall of 2012

We are happy to announce that the Planetarium will be back on the road for one last tour during the fall semester of 2012!

Offer your students a unique experience by inviting the Montréal Planetarium team to visit your school. Reserve today!

Your students will be able to explore a virtual universe in an inflatable planetarium. They can watch a projection on the dome introducing them to all the wonders in the sky, just as if they were at the Montréal Planetarium!

Enthusiastic Planetarium staff will explain the basics of astronomy. The presentation is designed to be both fun and educational: an experience they'll remember for years to come.

The presentation is available for all elementary cycles, with themes adapted to each level.

PDF Download the information leaflet! (PDF, 500 KB) (Updated version, Fall 2012)

Programs offered

Preschool and Cycle 1: A magical sky

This presentation is designed to allow students to learn about the wonders in the sky, during the day and at night. They'll see the movement of the Sun, and find out what causes rain and rainbows. Then they'll be introduced to the stars, the Moon, the planets and the constellations visible at night.

Educational objectives:

  • Associate the sun to a star, the Earth to a planet, and the moon to a natural satellite
  • Movement in the sky
  • Familiar shapes or images that can be found in the sky

Preparatory activities:

Follow-up activity:

Your feedback counts! Help us improve this activity:

Cycle 2: The planets

In this presentation, students will learn to identify the planets, and explore a few of their characteristics, such as: appearance, temperature, place in the solar system and travels through the constellations.

Educational objectives:

  • Learn the names of the planets
  • Understand the nature of the solar system
  • Understand that the planets move in relation to the stars

Preparatory activity:

Follow-up activity:

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Cycle 3: The Sun and the seasons

This presentation will explain the relationship between the Sun and the seasons: why the Sun rises and sets at different spots on the horizon and changes its trajectory, and why days aren't the same length year round. By the end of the presentation they'll also be able to predict and measure the Sun's position in the sky.

Educational objectives:

  • Predict and measure the Sun's position in the sky
  • Learn about and understand the seasons
  • See the Sun's path through the sky
  • Understand that the Sun's position changes with the seasons and the date

Preparatory activities:

Follow-up activity:

Your feedback counts! Help us improve this activity:

Activity structure

The activity lasts a total of one hour:

  • Introduction to the presentation and review of the preparatory activity: 10 minutes
  • Astronomy presentation under the inflatable dome: 50 minutes

Preparatory and follow-up activities

An in-class activity will help prepare students for the visit, so that they will better understand the presentation and get more out of it.

After the presentation, teachers can review the presentation content using follow-up activities. All the necessary materials are developed by our astronomers and are available on this webpage.

Technical specifications

  • Only one school level per presentation
  • One class per presentation
  • Four presentations per day (two in the morning, two in the afternoon)
  • Price: $650 (taxes included) - No additional fees

Space required

The planetarium can be inflated in the gymnasium or in a room with a minimum floor area of 6 X 6 meters (20 X 20 ft) and a ceiling at least 3.5 meters (11 ft 6 in) high.

To reserve

  1. Check when the Planetarium team will be in your town or city
  2. Make sure four classes are interested
  3. Reserve by calling 514 872-4530 option 3, or

A 50% deposit is payable upon reservation. The balance is payable 30 days before the presentation.


Autumn 2012
Region Date
Gatineau (Outaouais) November 12 to 16
Greater Montréal October 1 to 5
October 9 to 12
November 5 to 9
November 26 to 30
December 3 to 7
December 10 to 14
Saguenay September 24 to 28
October 28 to November 1
Sherbrooke (Eastern Townships) October 15 to 19

The Montréal Planetarium, a Space for Life, and Rio Tinto Alcan
are proud to be taking the necessary steps to obtain these environmental certifications:

Carbon-neutral event       Environmentally responsible event

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