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What's Up in the Skies Above

A treasure-trove of information about what's going on above our heads…

In this Section

Monthly Sky   Evening sky map for the current month, with an accompanying text describing constellations to discover, planets to observe, and celestial phenomena not to be missed!

Celestial Events   Special reports and other information about upcoming celestial events: eclipses, comets, meteor showers, etc.

Ephemerides & Astronomical Data   A wealth of useful data, from the phases of the moon to the dates of future eclipses.

Resources    Links to resources on the web and beyond: clubs and associations, magazines, science centres, observatories, etc.

Publications   Documents prepared by the Montréal Planetarium, ready for you to download.

Meteorites: Messengers from Space   A brand-new virtual exhibition about these mysterious rocks that fall from the sky…


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