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How well do you know the mayors of Montréal?

1) Mayor of Montréal from 1858 to 1862, he was one of the citizens that signed the petition for the incorporation of Montréal.

a) Charles-Séraphin Rodier
b) Joseph Bourre
c) John Easton Mills
d) James Ferrier

2) Job of Jacques Viger as an official in the municipal government.

a) Archivist
b) Road and bridge inspector
c) Librarian
d) Head of the Health department

3) He was responsible for the first by-laws.

a) Jacques Viger
b) Wolfred Nelson
c) Peter McGill
d) William H. Hingston

4) Which mayor had to wait for a judgement from the Superior Court and a second election before he became mayor because his predecessor refused to leave?

a) Joseph Bourret
b) James Ferrier
c) Francis Cassidy
d) John Easton Mills

5) First true bookseller, he participated in the 1837-1838 rebellions and as mayor, he organised assistance to fight cholera in 1851

a) Henry Starnes
b) William H. Hingston
c) Édouard-Raymond Fabre
d) Charles Wilson

6) Under his mandate, a fire department was created and the city hall was inaugurated in 1878.

a) Médéric Martin
b) William Workman
c) Sévère Rivard
d) Jean-Louis Beaudry

7) Born in Ireland in 1806, he was a wealthy businessman

a) Charles-Joseph Coursol
b) Jean-Louis Beaudry
c) William Workman
d) Henry Starnes

8) Patriot, he won the battle of Saint-Denis in the 1837 rebellion.

a) Hormidas Laporte
b) Wolfred Nelson
c) Charles Séraphin Rodier
d) Raymond Préfontaine

9) He was and worked hard to improve health conditions while he was mayor.

a) Wolfred Nelson
b) William H. Hingston
c) Henry Archer Ekers
d) Richard Wilson-Smith

10) Which mayo had also been Prime minister of Canada?

a) John Joseph Caldwell Abbott
b) Peter MCGill
c) Honoré Beaugrand
d) James McShane

11) What was the profession of Louis Payette, 29th mayor of Montréal?

a) Banker
b) Lawyer
c) Journalist
d) Construction contractor

12) What are James John Edmund Guerin's roots?

a) Irish
b) French
c) British
d) Scottish

13) Which mayor was nicknamed «father of the Great Montréal»?

a) Pierre Bourque
b) Médéric Martin
c) Louis-A. Lavallée
d) Gérald Tremblay

14) Under which mayor the Botanical Garden was created?

a) Pierre Bourque
b) Jean Drapeau
c) Camillien Houde
d) Fernand Rinfret

15) Which mayor was sent to a camp in Petawawa, Ontario, for his opposition to the conscription?

a) Camillien Houde
b) Médéric Martic
c) Charles Duquette
d) Adhémar Raynault

16) Mayor that originated Montréal's application for the 1967 World Exhibition.

a) Sarto Fournier
b) Jean Drapeau
c) Jean Doré
d) Camillien Houde

17) We owed him the summer Olympic Games of 1976.

a) Louis A. Lavallée
b) Jean Doré
c) Médéric Martin
d) Jean Drapeau

18) The 39th mayor of Montréal is one of the Montréal Citizens Movement's (MCM) founders.

a) Pierre Bourque
b) Jean Doré
c) Jean Drapeau
d) Gérald Tremblay

19) He was responsible for the creation of the Éco-quartiers and for curbside recycling?

a) Jean Drapeau
b) Gérald Tremblay
c) Alphonse Desjardins
d) Pierre Bourque

20) Mayor of Montréal since the fall of 2001, he is responsible for the Sommet de Montréal.

a) Pierre Bourque
b) Gérald Tremblay
c) Jean Charest
d) André Boisclair

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