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Camillien Houde, a new populist mayor

In 1928, a serious contender entered the political arena and struck a fatal blow to the career of Médéric Martin.  It was none other than Camillien Houde.  He was elected mayor on April 2, with a majority of 22 000 votes.  Just like his predecessor, Houde had a strong personality and attracted great crowds. He was a keen defender of the destitute and working classes.

Born in the working class district of Saint-Henri in 1889, Camillien Houde was also of modest origin.  At the age of 16, he worked as a clerk at Hochelaga Bank.  He started his political career as secretary of the Conservative Party’s political club in Saint-Henri district. 

He was elected to the Legislative Assembly in 1923, then became the Opposition leader six years later.


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