Democracy in Montreal from 1830 to the present / ExhibitDemocracy in Montreal from 1830 to the present / Exhibit

First elections

Up to the beginning of the 1850s, election organization was rather summary.  Polling hours and locations were published in newspapers a few days before the poll, set for the first of December of each year.  Elections were held in various places such as courthouses, public markets, fire stations.  The property requirement was maintained for elected officials and electors.  Moreover, the aldermen and mayor were required to own property worth at least 1000 pounds, whereas for councillors, the amount was set at 500 pounds.  All taxes had to be paid in order to be qualified to vote.  With a receipt as proof of payment, electors could obtain a voting certificate at the city clerk’s office.

An officer recorded the votes given orally in each polling station.  After the stations closed at 4 p.m., the officer proceeded with the count and announced the results.


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