Ville de Montreal
Ville de Montreal
Group of Archivists of the Region of Montreal
Chapitre 4 IntroductionHochelaga 1500-1642.Ville-Marie 1642-1665.Heart of an Empire 1699-1763.Small French Town 1665-1760.Conquered City 1760-1800British Commercial Takeover 1800-1850.Industrial City 1850-1896.Canada's Metropolis 1896-1914.North-American City 1914-1929.Depression and War 1930-1945.Modern City 1945-1960.Quebec's Metropolis 1960-1992.ConclusionQuizEducational Resources

Urban development

A distinct society


Mill.Lease from the water and wind mills.Lease of the windmill.Canadien and Canadienne.

Agreement between Gabriel de Queylus, Superior of the Grand Séminaire de Montréal and Jean Milot and Mathurine Thibaut, his wife, who were hired to build and manage a mill on their fief in Lachine for ten years, after which time the seigneurs of Montreal gave them a deed of 100 arpents and 3000 tournois [pounds] / Basset, notaire.Lease of tithes and income from the water and wind mills in Ville-Marie passed between the seigneurs of Montreal and Joseph Raimbault de Piedmont and Pierre Biron / P. Raimbault, notaire.Lease of the windmill of Côteau Saint-Louis granted by the seigneurs of Montreal to Jean Lumineau / Adhémar, notaire.Canadien and Canadienne.
June 11, 1670.August 1st, 1714.May 6, 1689.Circa 1750.
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