19th Century

19th Century

1806 The Saint-Laurent church tower was struck by lightning. The cross collapsed and the arch was damaged.

1835-1837 Demolition and reconstruction of the Saint-Laurent Church under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Gaultier, known as curé Saint-Germain.

1837 (May 15) Louis-Joseph Papineau pronounces one of the most important speeches in his career to his partisans, gathered in front of the Saint-Laurent Church.

1845 (July 1) Creation of the legal structure for the municipality of Saint-Laurent Parish.

1847 The Congrégation des pères, des frères et des soeurs de Sainte-Croix settles in Saint-Laurent.

1852 The Académie industrielle is founded by the Pères de Sainte-Croix and opens its doors to 120 students.

1855 The United Canada Parliament abolishes the seigniorial regime in favour of a municipal regime. A section of the Saint-Laurent Parish territory consists of a civic municipality, and Dr François-Zéphirin Tassé becomes the first Mayor. Parish Council holds its first meeting on July 25.

1860  The stone industry, the oldest industry in Saint-Laurent, begins operations.

1861 The Académie industrielle gets a new charter and becomes collège de Saint-Laurent.

1885 Construction of a railway near collège de Saint-Laurent.

First home
of the Pères de Sainte-Croix

Collège de Saint-Laurent

1888 Construction of the first water system along Principale Street (today Sainte-Croix Avenue).

1893 (February 27) Incorporation of a parcel of land owned by the Saint-Laurent Parish. La Corporation de la Ville de Saint-Laurent is created and City Council holds its first meeting on April 25, 1893.

Zotique Gosselin, contractor and streetlamp lighter, is appointed special constable at the August 3 meeting. As payment for his services, he is allowed to keep half of the fines he collects.

1895  The first telephone is installed at the general store.

1896 Opening of an electric tramway line connecting Saint-Laurent to Montréal.

Saint-Laurent inaugurates its first fire brigade.

1897 Laurent Beaulieu becomes the first chief firefighter in Saint-Laurent.

1899  Dominion Chicory, which harvests the chicory plant, settles in Saint-Laurent.


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