Founding family Cousineau

Founding family Cousineau

In 1708, Jean Cousineau, mason and stone-cutter, settled in Saint-Laurent in Coste Notre-Dame des Vertus. He acquired property covering an area of sixty arpents from Jeanne Mansion, widow of Jean Cherlot aka Desmoulins.

Considered to be the only Cousineau from France to settle in Saint-Laurent, on January 2, 1690 Jean Cousineau married Marie-Jeanne Besnard aka Lajeunesse in Montréal. Many children were born of this union, since after just two or three generations, their descendants alone had formed a considerable portion of the Saint-Laurent population.1

Cousineau Family

Three generations of

Numerous Saint-Laurent personalities originate from this family, including Hector Cousineau (Parish Mayor from 1933 to 1943), Maurice Cousineau (City Mayor from 1950 to 1959) and Mgr Albert Cousineau (Collège de Saint-Laurent superior, Saint-Laurent Parish Priest and superior at the Saint-Joseph Oratory).

Hector Cousineau

Maurice Cousineau

Mgr Albert Cousineau

Cousineau street offers a reminder of one of the oldest families in Saint-Laurent.

Gervais Cousineau
and his children

Gervais Cousineau
and his sibblings

1Les familles Grou et Cousineau au Canada, 1909.

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