From Vickers to Bombardier

From Vickers to Bombardier

Vickers (1942),
Bombardier aéronautique

In 1942, Vickers built a large plant for the manufacture of aircraft and specialized air transport products. The maiden flight of the first Catalina which was fully constructed in Saint-Laurent, took place in 1943. During World War II, the plant employed between 8,000 and 10,000 workers.

After changing its name to Canadair in 1944, the company became the hub around which the powerful Saint-Laurent aerospace industry was built.


In 1986, Canadair was acquired by the Bombardier Group to become Bombardier Aerospace. The latter is the Canada's biggest commercial aircraft manufacturer and is ranked third in the world. With a workforce of 3,225, it is one of the borough's leading employers.

The other two major aerospace companies are Allied Signal Aerospace Canada Inc. (formerly Aviation Electric) and CAE Électronique inc., the renowned flight simulator manufacturer that began operations in Saint-Laurent in 1947.

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