Founding family Laurin

Founding family Laurin

Hormidas Laurin and
Élisabeth Clément

Henri and Georges-Philippe Laurin

Henri Laurin

The Laurin families originated from Pierre Laurin, who came to Canada in 1680. Joseph Laurin, his grandson, settled in Saint-Laurent in around 1740. From 1760 to 1840, there were a great many Laurin. However, the ancestors bearing this name were borne of Nicolas Laurin and Émilie Marcot. Married in Saint-Laurent in 1828, they settled on the north side of Côte-Vertu road. Their descendants include Father Édouard Laurin, former Parish Priest, brother of Georges-Philippe Laurin (Mayor from 1938 to 1943) and uncle of Marcel Laurin (also Mayor from 1959 to 1990).

Georges-Phillipe Laurin
and his children

Father Édouard


Édouard-Laurin boulevard was named in memory of this priest.

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