Noorduyn Norseman

Noorduyn Norseman

Noorduyn Aircraft Ltd (1933),
Noorduyn Aviation Ltd,
Noorduyn Norseman inc.

As early as the 1920's, the relatively flat Saint-Laurent territory attracted aviation enthusiasts to a site that became known as "Aéroport de Cartierville", even though it was located in Saint-Laurent.

Noorduyn Aviation Ltd. began operations in 1935 when Robert B.C. Noorduyn began production of the Norseman, a 10 passengers single-engine aircraft he had designed. This first facility employed some thirty workers.

The Norseman

In 1939, the company acquired several buildings on Bois-Franc road and added the Harvard, a combat aircraft, to its production line for sale to the British, U.S. and Canadian governments.

The aeronautics company changed its name in 1940 to become Noorduyn Norseman. During the World War II it employed as many as 12,000 workers. Operations drew to a halt in late 1945. The following year, production of the Harvard was sold to Canadair while the rest of the company continued to produce the Norseman under the company name Nuclear Entreprises Limited.

The City dedicated Noorduyn street and place to this company.

The legal payload


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