Centre hospitalier de Saint-Laurent

Centre hospitalier de Saint-Laurent

Centre hospitalier de Saint-Laurent

The year 1912 marked the beginnings of the Sœurs de l'Espérance, under the Sainte-Famille de Bordeaux congregation in Saint-Laurent. With the help of the Gohier family, they established their novitiate in a home located at the intersection of Principale street (now Sainte-Croix avenue) and Saint-Mathieu street (now Côte-Vertu boulevard). In the years that followed, these nursing nuns dedicated themselves to the people of Saint-Laurent by providing outstanding home care and winning the hearts of the people.

In 1921, intent on keeping the nuns in Saint-Laurent, Mayor Joseph-Adélard Grou sent a request to the superiors in the community in France. He proposed converting their home, Maison Saint-Joseph, into a small hospital at the City's expense. The offer was accepted, and Hôpital Saint-Laurent opened its doors in January 1922. The illustrious Brother André passed away in this building in 1937. The hospital soon became overcrowded and a new building is built in 1937. It was named Hôpital Notre-Dame de l'Espérance.

Maison Saint-Joseph / Hôpital Saint-Laurent

By 1946, the hospital's 50 beds no longer satisfied the demand. In addition, a minimum of 100 beds was necessary to found a nursing school that would be recognized by the Association des gardes-malades. The hospital was once again expanded with two wings erected at either end of the building, including pavillon Noailles, which opened in 1948, providing the facility with an additional 124 beds.

Despite the surrounding controversy, on December 20, 1960, the decision was made to demolish Maison Saint-Joseph, Saint-Laurent's first hospital, for the reason that it was too close to major traffic arteries. The Maison had first served as the Novitiate for the Sœurs de l'Espérance, then as Hôpital Saint-Laurent, and finally as a women's prison. An artpiece done by Sylvia Daoust, intitled "Masque mortuaire du frère André" was erected at Maison Saint-Joseph's original location in 1987.

In 1963, in light of new legislation governing Quebec hospitals, the Sœurs de l'Espérance handed over their possessions to a non-profit organization. Hospital administration was transferred from a religious congregation to a board of directors, and 1972 saw the departure of the last nuns from the Saint-Laurent community.

The new institution was officially opening in Fall 1982, and christened the Centre hospitalier de Saint-Laurent.

In 1988, the report by the Commission d'enquête sur les services de santé et les services sociaux, known as the Rochon report, was tabled

Centre hospitalier
de Saint-Laurent


The 1990's were known as the years of the Rochon Reform, which constituted a widespread overhaul of the healthcare system conducted within a context of unprecedented budget cuts. Under these circumstances, the Centre hospitalier de Saint-Laurent closed its doors in 1996. Subsequently, in May 2001, the former hospital was converted into a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD).

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