Coat of arms and logo

Coat of arms and logo

The coat of arms

In May 1952 the Institut généalogique Drouin presented Ville de Saint-Laurent with the coat of arms that would represent the city. It remains in full public view on the front of the Saint-Laurent Borough Hall, right above the front door. The Credo Cresco means “I believe, I grow”.

Saint-Laurent bears the name of a major figure in Christian hagiography: Saint Laurent deacon and martyr was burned alive in Rome in the year 258 on an iron grill heated over a fire.

A symbol of his ordeal, the grill is the symbol of St. Laurent. The red offers a reminder of the blood that was shed and the colour of the fire that consumed St. Laurent. The gold symbolizes glory. The palms, which are green, constitute the external ornaments and represent the martyr’s palms. The cogged wheel symbolizes the industrial nature of the city.

The logo: a new face

Since its founding, Ville de Saint-Laurent had been visually represented by an emblem whose complexity became no longer appropriate for the modern image of the city. It became necessary to give the city an emblem that expressed its vitality, its human dimension and its geographic position at the heart of the metropolitan region.

The new emblem, adopted in 1976, is representative of the City. It depicts the tree of life, a flower in bloom and a person with open arms – in essence, three synchronized spheres that enhance the municipality's ethnic diversity, the main three at the time being French, English and Jewish. Finally, the emblem’s rounded shape expresses the fact that Saint-Laurent has always occupied a geographically central position within the Greater Montréal area and shows that its territory is at the crossroads of the Montréal community.

Institutional signature

In December 2006, Saint-Laurent Borough Council approved the adoption of a new institutional signature for Saint-Laurent. This new signature replaced the one that took effect in 1976 upon the adoption of Saint-Laurent’s emblem.

The signature aims to retain the graphical unity of the organization’s signatures while also integrating Montréal’s typeface and logo. In addition, the signature reflected the City of Montréal’s adoption, in 2003, of a new visual identity that serves as a point of reference for the public and that also allows for the quick identification of everything the City and its boroughs are doing.

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