Édouard Gohier, father (1861-1923)

Édouard Gohier, father (1861-1923)

Édouard Gohier was the first mayor of the new City of Saint-Laurent created following the inclusion of a piece of parish land on February 27, 1893.

Born on April 29, 1861 in Saint-Martin, at a young age he began running a bulk dry business, a role he pursued for more than seven years. He then became involved in the sale of properties and land in the early 1890's.

A businessman and prosperous developer, Édouard Gohier actively participated in the land and economic development of Saint-Laurent.

Édouard Gohier

E. Gohier & Co.
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He founded companies such as the Compagnie des Boulevards de l'île de Montréal and threw himself body and soul into every endeavour he began. Throughout his career, he held the positions of Mayor of the City for more than 14 years (1893 to 1901, 1903 to 1905 and 1911 to 1913), of member of the Hôpital Notre-Dame Board of Directors, of the Commission du canal de la Baie Georgienne and of Devoir in addition to serving as a church warden in his parish.

Also during his administration, the City acquired several new properties and developed new infrastructures and services: electricity, waterworks, sewers, tramway line, Fire Department, a new City Hall, Cour du recorder (today's Municipal Court) and even a financial institution, Banque de Ville-Marie. We also note the arrival of companies such as the Compagnie de Tabac de Saint-Laurent and Dominion Chicory, to name just two.

Lastly, in 1896, Édouard Gohier and his associate, developer Ludger Cousineau, launched the Plan Gohier also known as the plan de la Grande allée de Florence. This was the first development project ever presented to the City. The plan proposed a space organization method known as grouping by activity sector. Also, "The wide tree-lined streets and monumental views of the Église and the Collège [sic] reveal an esthetic design that aspires to the City Beautiful".1

The fisrt electrical tramway connecting Saint-Laurent to Montréal was initially to pass along Ouimet street, although in the end, it was erected along Grande allée de Florence (Décarie boulevard).

Sketch of la Grande Allée de Florence

Édouard Gohier passed away on March 12, 1923 at the age of 62, but not before ensuring for the city an unprecedented multidimensional heritage. Gohier street(formerly des Ormes road) was opened in his honour.

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