In 1950, construction ended on the Norgate Shopping Centre, the first open-air pedestrian mall in Canada. J.O. Asselin, President of the Commission métropolitaine, officially opened the structure, located at the intersection of Décarie and Côte-Vertu boulevards. The project was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the efforts of more than 40 contractors, and $10,000 invested by various different private interests.

In 1956, the shopping centre was expanded. In addition of being a commercial hub, the area built up over the next few years as a residential district, north of the Norgate Shopping Centre, south of Poirier street and west of O'Brien avenue.

Some 75 buildings which subsequently housed younger people primarily from outside Quebec were also built near the centre. Les habitations Norgate, a residential area comprising the original buildings and those subsequently added, underwent extensive renovations in the late 1970's.

Official opening
of shopping centre

Shopping Centre

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