History of Saint-Laurent

History of Saint-Laurent

Saint-Laurent : At the heart of your history

The history of Saint-Laurent is brought to you under short headings, which, like the strokes of a brush, paint a portrait of the City.

Our objective was to pass on the City's history and at the same time, circulate and enhance its archived heritage. In fact, close to 200 photographic and documentary treasures can be viewed at this virtual exhibition. We have attempted to make the historical aspect as interactive as possible by using numerous hyperlinks that we hope will take you on an unforgettable journey through time and space. Lastly, the interactive maps will add an unexpected dimension to your visit.

Production team

Stéphane Ernst, archivist
Research and writing

Salvatore Carboni, M.Sc.A.
On-line coordination

Yves Drolet, document management technician
Research and digitization

Josée Chevrier, B. Sc. archivist
Coordination and revision



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