Continental Can Company of Canada (1937)

Continental Can of Canada

In 1937, Continental Can committed to setting up and launching, an industrial and commercial establishment for the manufacture of tin cans and other containers in Saint-Laurent. In exchange for a ten-year tax exemption, the company guaranteed the City that it would build a plant covering an area of at least 50,000 square feet and employing a daily workforce of at least 35 employees.

Aerial view of the Continental Can plant

Thanks to the World War II, the company soon prospered, since between 1938 and 1946, it erected a bypass route, purchased plants and warehouses from Marshall Ventilated Mattress Company and hired more than 1,000 workers. Nonetheless in 1983, Continental Can of Canada was sold to CCL Industries Inc. In the late 1980's, due to the coming into effect of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), CCL resold Continental Can to the Crown, Cork and Seal Company (now Crown Brand-Building Packaging1).



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