Founding family Grou

Founding family Grou

The sons of Jean Grou, a colonist who was captured and killed by the Iroquois toward 1690, settled in Saint-Laurent in 1705 on land conceded by the Sulpicians. Jean Grou junior married Marie-Jeanne Cousineau in 1708 and Pierre Grou married Gabrielle Cherlot, and later Angélique Cousineau.

Nearly the entire Grou family descends directly from Jean Grou junior, who was a lieutenant in the militia for Parish of Saint-Laurent in 1735. It should be noted that the ancestors of all the Grou across America were buried in the basement of the Saint-Laurent Church. Whether they spelled their names Grou, Groux, Groulx, Grout, Groult or Groust, they are all from the same family.

Armand Grou (1892-1961), Saint-Laurent Parish Priest, professor and superior at collège de Saint-Laurent; Marcel Grou (Parish Mayor from 1904 to 1906) and Joseph-Adélard Grou (Ville de Saint-Laurent Mayor from 1917 to 1919 and from 1921 to 1927) are all from this family, which is one of the oldest in Saint-Laurent. Grou street was opened on April 14, 1950 as a tribute to this family.

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