20th Century - Second half

20th Century - Second half

1951 Princess Elizabeth visits Saint-Laurent.

1951 (November 9) Municipal Council adopts a resolution approving the introduction of Bylaw 235. This Bylaw stipulates annual remuneration of $2,000 for the Mayor and of $1,000 for city councillors.

1952 Saint-Laurent adopts its coat of arms.

1954  What remains of the former Saint-Laurent Parish is annexed to Ville de Saint-Laurent. The area of the territory increases from 2,611 to 10,811 acres.

The arrival of Northern Electric marks the advent of the communications industry in Saint-Laurent.

1955 An amendment is made to the City's charter, stating that from now on, Saint-Laurent would be known as “Cité de Saint-Laurent”.

1958 Inauguration of the second City Hall on June 17. The new building is blessed by Cardinal Paul-Émile Léger.

1962 New amendment to the City charter. Cité de Saint-Laurent becomes Ville de Saint-Laurent.

Inauguration of the new City Hall

1962 Gérard Lavallée, fine arts professor at collège de Saint-Laurent, founds an art gallery which later becomes the Musée d'art de Saint-Laurent.

On December 14, police officers Denis Brabant (1934-1962) and Claude Marineau (1927-1962) are killed in the line of duty during a robbery at a bank on Côte-de-Liesse road. State funerals are held, attended by 4,000 mourners. A street in Saint-Laurent is named in their honour.

Saint-Laurent ranks among all Quebec municipalities for its property values.

1967 Saint-Laurent is twinned with Alberta's City of Lethbridge.

Saint-Laurent – Lethbridge twinning

1969 The police and fire departments separate on October 12, and the Fire Prevention Department is created with 82 members including fifteen officers.

1970 250th Anniversary of the canonic erection of the Parish of Saint-Laurent.

With more than 400 industries, Saint-Laurent ranks second among industrial cities in Québec.

1972 Integration of the local police service into the Montréal Urban Community (MUC) Police Department.

1973 Commission scolaire Sainte-Croix emerges from the merger of the Saint-Laurent, Outremont and Mont-Royal school boards.

1976 Adoption of the new City emblem, which is unveiled on April 28.

1979 The Musée d'Art de Saint-Laurent is officially opened to the public.

1983 Saint-Laurent is the first city in Quebec to be awarded, by the Groupement technique des assureurs, a 2 rating for fire safety in its commercial and industrial sector, and a 1 rating in its residential sector.

1984 Inauguration of the first metro station in Saint-Laurent, du Collège station on January 9.

1986 Inauguration of the second metro station, Côte-Vertu.

1988 (March) The Commission d'orientation du conseil municipal unveal a major construction project, the Nouveau Saint-Laurent.

1992 (August 17) Groundbreaking for the Technoparc de Saint-Laurent.

1993 One hundredth anniversary of the incorporation of Ville de Saint-Laurent.

1993 (August 6) Inauguration of the Bois-Franc residential development project.

1996  Centre hospitalier de Saint-Laurent closes its doors.

1997 At the site of 799 Sainte-Croix Avenue, a monument is erected in memory of father Basile-Antoine Moreau, founder of the Ordre de Sainte-Croix. This event also marks the 150th Anniversary of the arrival of the Pères de Sainte-Croix in Saint-Laurent.

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