Compagnons de Saint-Laurent

Compagnons de Saint-Laurent


In 1937, under the guidance of Father Émile Legault, the theatre company known as the Compagnons de Saint-Laurent was founded at the collège de Saint-Laurent. Although from the beginning the company remained anonymous and only presented religious works, its vocation soon expanded at the national level.

Through the quality of its plays and the talent of its actors, the company garnered top honours at the National Dramatic Art Festival and quickly developed a following. It also won the Bessborought Trophy, which is presented to the best theatre company in Canada - an honour that further attests to the cultural vocation of the College.

Father Émile Legault

During the fifteen years of its existence (1937 to 1952), the Compagnons de Saint-Laurent theatre company helped further the careers of no fewer than fifty actors including several well-known names of the Quebec stage (Georges Groux, Jean Coutu, Jean-Louis Roux, Félix Leclerc, Jean Duceppe). The Théâtre du nouveau monde was founded by a few of the original Compagnons. Former mayor Marcel Laurin was also a member of the company.

Les Compagnons
de Saint-Laurent

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