After five years of reviewing and planning, the Bois-Franc project opened on August 6, 1993.

In March 1988, Bombardier Immobilier Ltée presented to the City urban planners the master plan for a major residential development project. Bombardier Immobilier ltée is a corporation created to enhance the heritage of Bombardier Inc.

Bombardier owned a lot covering more than 20 million square feet. This land had been left vacant following the closure of the Cartierville airport. Adjacent to Nouveau Saint-Laurent, completion of the Bois-Franc project was expected to take more than ten years. The basic concept was to offer residents an exceptional quality of life thanks to its green spaces (an expected 20,000 trees were to be planted), its numerous lakes and open squares, and its proximity to downtown Montréal.

During the groundbreaking ceremony

Building the Bois-Franc District

The name of Bois-Franc was deemed appropriate since the sector (south of Henri-Bourassa boulevard and east of Cavendish boulevard) was already known to Saint-Laurent residents as the Bois-Franc district, in reference to Bois-Franc road which runs near the development.

Daniel Arbour et associés designed the urban plan for Bois-Franc. In front of the Bassin de la Brunante there are short, narrow streets and at the centre of each square is another square surrounded by homes. The names of the streets in Bois-Franc drew their inspiration from aerospace, exploration, nature and geography: Charles-Darwin street, Nelligan square, Place de l'Himalaya, etc.

Bois-Franc District

Municipal officials approved the master plan for the project in 1992. This plan outlined the construction and sale of 8,000 housing units over a surface area of 21,000,000 square feet. Due to a slower than anticipated development, in 1999, Bombardier Immobilier sought permission to develop a golf course that would cover more than nine million remaining square feet. Le Challenger golf course has been open since June 2002 at the site of the former landing strip at the airport run by Canadair.

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