Jean-Baptiste Gaultier (1788-1863)

Jean-Baptiste Gaultier (1788-1863)

Jean-Baptiste Gaultier aka « curé Saint-Germain » (1788-1863)

Due to violent disputes between parishioners about the location of a new church, Mgr Lartigue interdicted the Saint-Laurent Church, which was closed to worshippers for nine months. During this difficult period Father Jean-Baptiste Gaultier, then working in Terrebonne, was designated Parish Priest of Saint-Laurent. It was at this time he became known as curé Saint-Germain. He held this position from 1829 until his death in 1863.

“At a political level, he became a loyal ally of the government. A royalist, in 1834 he denounced the 92 Résolutions, a document summarizing the complaints of Louis-Joseph Papineau's patriotic party. In return for his loyalty, he was appointed military chaplain.”1

For Saint-Laurent, curé Saint-Germain made numerous outstanding contributions. More specifically, to him we owe the construction of a new church in 1835 on the current site of Saint-Laurent Church, and the 1847 establishment of a religious teaching community named the pères de Sainte-Croix.

For these reasons, a street in Saint-Laurent bears the name Saint-Germain.

Abbé Saint-Germain

Saint-Laurent Church

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