Édouard Gohier Ltd (1916)

Édouard Gohier Ltd (1916)

Millwork shop

The Pauzé & Gohier Company opened a wood-cutting facility in Saint-Laurent in 1912 near the railway tracks. The company dissolved four years later. Édouard Gohier Junior continued to run the Saint-Laurent lumber yard and even erected a millwork shop in response to the growing demand for wood that arose as a result of World War I.

In 1932 this company changed its name to Édouard Gohier Limitée. Operations grew continually in subsequent years during which the company acquired businesses, sawmills and sprawling lumber yards in the Joliette Region. Specializing in the sale and manufacture of wood, it imported certain varieties from the United States as well as pine from the Ottawa Valley and from British Columbia. The company built a second mill in 1940. Its activities came to an end on December 23, 1976, the date on which the company dissolved.

Building front facade

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