This district was named after the Cosmos Company (Quebec) Ltd., founded in 1949 by civil engineer and builder Constantinos P. Couropoulos. On August 12, 1949, he submitted to Ville de Saint-Laurent, “a plan for land division by lots and streets, from Côte de Liesse street-front property to the east side of Memorial Park...” In his request, Mr. Couropoulos mentioned that “This land is intended to be used for the construction of detached homes under the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation plan (for a total of approximately 400)...”

A conveyance was passed on September 1, 1949, under the terms of which Corporation du collège de Saint-Laurent transferred ownership of the land Constantinos Couropoulos needed for his development plan. Following the City's approval of the subdivision plan, the construction of homes began on October 5 and continued until 1955. A total of 277 buildings (487 residences) were put on the market.

Poirier Park

In 1954, Poirier Park was built in the Cosmos District.

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