Founding family Beaulieu

Founding family Beaulieu

Cécile Beaulieu's wedding

Among Saint-Laurent's residents, we find families that originate from the pioneers of the old parish. Originally from Montpellier in France, Jean-Baptiste Antoine Martin aka Montpellier married Marie-Anne Turcot in 1737 in the Saint-Laurent Parish. The couple settled in Coste Saint-Laurent on a piece of land located on the north side of today's Métropolitaine Autoroute. Their descent perpetuated mainly under the names Martin and Beaulieu, a name given to Jean-Baptiste a few years later.

In 1793, another colonist named Beaulieu settled in the Saint-Laurent Parish in Coste de Liesse, although his descent ended around 1850.

Among the most widely-known individuals with the Beaulieu name, we note Laurent Beaulieu (former fire chief), Henri S. Beaulieu (former municipal court judge and President of the Commission scolaire de Saint-Laurent from 1953 to 1967), François-Xavier Beaulieu (father of Sainte-Croix), Reverend Jean-Baptiste Beaulieu and Aldéric Beaulieu, Parish Mayor from 1902 to 1904.


R.P. François-


Beaulieu Street in Saint-Laurent offers a reminder of this family.

Aldéric Beaulieu

François-d'Assise Beaulieu

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