Édouard Gohier Junior (1891-1963)

Édouard Gohier Junior (1891-1963)

Édouard Gohier, son of Édouard Gohier, first mayor of the City and descendent of a family established in Saint-Laurent since the 18th Century, made his entrance onto the municipal stage by becoming a city councillor in 1927.

He soon became mayor. With more than sixteen years of experience with this title (1928 to 1938 and 1943 to 1949), Édouard Gohier Junior ranked second on the list of men who held the position of Ville de Saint-Laurent mayor for the longest.

Édouard Gohier Junior

Although his health condition forced him to abandon this position on two different occasions (in 1938 and in 1949), and since he was faced with the 1929 economic crisis and World War II, Ville de Saint-Laurent experienced significant economic and social developments under his leadership. Several companies including Continental Can, Robert Mitchell Foundry, Preston Pure Preserve Limited and CAE Électronique, established operations facilities. The Bank of Montreal opened a first branch in Saint-Laurent and Decarie boulevard was extended to Saint-Laurent, which also bolstered the development of several sectors of the Saint-Laurent economy. On two occasions, the City also annexed parcels of parish territory.

Just like his father and his other predecessors, Édouard Gohier helped model Saint-Laurent and prepared the area so that in the near future, the people of Saint-Laurent would witness the emancipation of their city on the municipal and national levels.

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