First colonists

First colonists

Following the signing of the Grande Paix treaty in September 1701, which put an end to the hostilities between the colonists and the Iroquois, the colonization of the Island of Montreal resumed progressively and land clearing operations increased. The land clearers successfully completed Coste Saint-Laurent and settled in the Descarie brothers neighbourhood.

Original concessions

Without waiting for the official signing of the peace treaty, between March and September of 1700 the Sulpicians awarded more than nineteen concessions to these new colonists. These properties formed the core of Saint-Laurent Village. Below is the list of names of these nineteen pioneers and the dates when they received their land.

5 mars

Jean Rapidieux aka Lamer
5 avril Bernard Bleignier aka Jarry
Jacques Bouchet aka Saint-Amour
6 avril Jean Rousseau aka Larose
7 avril Gabriel Boudrias aka Graveline
8 avril François Prette aka Lamothe
9 avril Pierre Billeron aka Lafatigue
14 avril Joseph Parent
Nicolas Tessier
J.-B. Marette aka Lépine
Antoine Brunet aka Lababille
Julien Aubert aka Latouche
3 mai J.-B. Biret aka Larose
4 mai François Dragon aka Lafrance
14 mai François Plouffe
15 mai Jean Brunet aka Létang
11 juin Pierre Bardet aka Lapierre
10 août Guillaume Tartre aka Larivière
23 septembre Philippe Robitaille

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