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Tribute to the builders of Saint-Laurent


Excerpts from the minutes of the General Council Meeting held December 11, 2001.

Tribute to the builders of Saint-Laurent

WHEREAS at this last General Municipal Council Meeting it was deemed appropriate to remind future generations of the standard of excellence upheld on the municipal front by Ville de Saint-Laurent at the close of its 108 years of existence, and of the individuals who contributed to this success. It was


1.-   To compile a summary statement of the existence of Ville de Saint-Laurent: “Recognized since the establishment of municipal institutions as the leader on Montréal's West Island, Saint-Laurent has stood out since the Second World War as a prime industrial hub thanks to the visionary spirit of its leaders, and renewed its industrial infrastructure in the ‘80's to become the second biggest industrial city in Québec and the high tech capital of Canada.

With a population of 76,000 residents and 110,000 jobs in our territory, which is a tangible sign of its vitality, Saint-Laurent is the envy of other municipalities. The many prizes garnered over the past fifteen years, including the Award of Excellence from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation in 2001, eloquently attest to the constant efforts made to improve the quality of life of its residents.

Inspired by its motto Credo Cresco (I believe, I grow), the City gradually pursued its development. In 2001, however, its existence was suddenly terminated by decision of the Québec government, even before having the opportunity to complete projects under way, sadly reminding us of the words uttered by Roman Emperor Septime Sévère on his death-bed: Omnia fui, et nihil expedit (I was all, and nothing subsides). 

2.-   To pay tribute to all the citizens, administrators and elected officials who worked in Saint-Laurent during its 108 years of existence, to make Saint-Laurent what it has become, and more especially, those making up the existing Council who, despite their efforts over the past two years, were unable to prevent its disappearance – an event that brought their terms to a premature end. Ten of these members now face the interruption of their political careers: Dr. Bernard Paquet, Mayor; Me Jean René Taschereau, Sainte-Croix District Councillor; Pierre Lambert, Houde District Councillor; Yvette Biondi, Gohier District Councillor; Charles Benchimol, Satim District Councillor; Sharon Moreau, Goulet District Councillor; Roland Bouchard, Du Ruisseau District Councillor; François Ghali, Marlborough District Councillor; Micheline Roy, Grou District Councillor; and Alfred Giannetti, Leduc District Councillor. Others were elected to the new City of Montréal, and will carry the torch in an effort to preserve in the Borough of Saint-Laurent as many Ville de Saint-Laurent assets as possible so that its citizens can continue to benefit from the fruits of the investments made over the years: Alan DeSousa, Cardinal District Councillor, elected City Councillor, President of the Borough of Saint-Laurent; René Dussault, Legault District Councillor, elected City Councillor; Irving Grundman, Halpern District Councillor, elected City Councillor; Maurice Cohen, Thimens District Councillor, elected Councillor of Côte-de-Liesse District in the Borough of Saint-Laurent; Michèle D. Biron, Lebeau District Councillor, elected Councillor of Norman-McLaren District in the Borough of Saint-Laurent.

3.-   To pay tribute to Ville de Saint-Laurent employees who were proud to have made their career with the City and who, through their hard work and competency helped make the City's administration one that was effective and attentive to the needs of its citizens.

4.-   To pay tribute to the Saint-Laurent population by expressing the pride its elected officials took in representing them on Municipal Council, by hoping that the example of the lengthy peaceful cohabitation and harmony that motivate the Saint-Laurent community serves as an inspiration to future generations and remains a model for tolerance and friendship for all of the world's populations.


Excerpts from the minutes of the last Ville de Saint-Laurent's General Council Meeting held December 11, 2001. The resolution 2001-12-73-02 is a tribute to the builders of Saint-Laurent, Ville de Saint-Laurent Archives, file 79 410

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